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Caribbean Flavor Star Search

Caribbean Flavor Photo/Videography and our Agents are always interested in auditioning men & women who are interested in nude erotic modeling for website purposes. Before applying, please read the information on this page carefully:

The Basics:

To join us you must:

  • Be aged 18 – 40
  • Any height will do
  • Be at least 7 stone (50kg or 110lbs) in weight
  • Have an athletic, well-defined physique or at least be in shape.
  • Be legally able to work in the Caribbean (optional)

Do I need experience?

No, you do not need experience to apply, but you must have real commitment and no issues to and with nude erotic modeling and adult videos with one or more other talents

What kind of photos/videos do we do?

Caribbean Flavor is into producing sexy and erotic nude shots and videos of sexy men & women of the Caribbean. All of our work is about sexy talents over the age of 18 years with bodies that depict the core of what Caribbean beauty is. We specialize in body shots, so please don't apply to us if you're not happy/comfortable showing your body nude in front of the camera both still and video. 

Where will my photos/videos be seen?

 As we are also in the business of promotions and Marketing of all our talents, your pictures will appear exclusively on our website(s). For this we will require you to sign a Nude appearance release form, which allows us to publish your shot as we see fit without your permission. You will be compensated for your work.

How much do I get paid?

We pay experienced models a negotiable US$350.00 per shoot, with each shoot taking 1 hour for preparation and 1 hour in front of the camera. We pay all models by cash.

 If you are new to nude erotic modeling, we will normally want you to do some "warm up" shoots with us to build up your confidence and skills in front of the camera. You won't be paid for these, and we won't normally use the shots from these shoots. But if really good we would keep for use as samples for further marketing and promotion opportunities for you.

 Do I pay a registration fee or anything?

We will not charge you a penny for working with you. There is no registration fee and we don't insist that you pay for any photos, even if you have no experience.

 Do I get free photos?

Certainly, we will email you free copies of photos that best represent both you and us.

How do I apply?

Online Applicants

You just fill a form online. You have to attach/Email photos with your application, and these must include one close-up of your face, and one or two nude full body shot showing your entire physique. Note, however, that neither your application photos nor videos will be used by us for publication in any way, without you written consent.

What happens then?

 We look at your application and contact you. If we like the look of you, we will invite you to our next casting session (interview). You'll come to our location, chat to us about you, and we'll take a few photos and a short video of you to see how you look in front of our camera. We'll normally tell you there and then if we're interested in you. 

Please remember…

 We're busy, and we already have a good selection of models that we work with regularly. When you apply we may take a while to get back to you, and you may have to wait a few weeks sometime months for your casting.